We unlock the potential of
real-time for every business.

The end of 3rd party cookies

First party event data collection, unification and orchestration will become critical for intelligent automation.

Apps deployed

Large companies deploy over 175 apps in their stack. Multiply the power through orchestration.

of business leaders

Believe that creating new digital experiences for customers is critical to their survival post covid.

Spent per annum

On creating custom internal software to drive internal business processes.

We're building a high performance culture.

From our internal Vision statement we wanted to share the five key values that describe the culture at
X-Functions. We also wanted to expand upon those so it’s clear how integral they are to the company we are building with our community. You can read more on why we chose these as our values here.

Supportive Community 

We're building a community with developers and customers, underpinned by a generous business model that supports an even distribution of value, financial wealth and independence to all participants. We are focused on the knowledge sharing, enablement and acceleration of innovation. So that comes from a place of support and community collaboration.


We hold each other accountable to follow through and expect to be respectfully called out when we drop the ball. It's also a mindset that informs how we support the products, services and commitments we make.

Data-driven Creativity

We are always questioning how our products and how our work can be better with data-driven opinions triumphing over ego and loudest opinions.


We’re results-focused with strong awareness of each other’s capabilities but we understand that nobody is perfect and we’re there to help each other when needed. It's also about continually questioning even when you feel uncomfortable or silly. That way we get better with shared knowledge. It's how we build and maintain trust within our team and our ecosystem.

Automation First

We take an automation-first approach to our ways of working and products we create, which enables our customers to push the boundaries of their business while building a real-time, data-driven business of our own. It also makes us think through solutions that scale for maximum impact.

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